Hidden Garden Gem

Hidden Garden Gem

Imagine my delightful surprise. I was heading down the hill from work the other day when out of the corner of my eye I spotted something that makes my heart beat a little faster – old chairs. Lots of them… sitting at the end of a driveway, with balloons and a SALE sign!

To avoid causing a multi-car crash, I slowed down, made the next turn and went around the block. I parked my garage-on-wheels and headed over to check it out. Heaven! Chairs, plant stands, vintage watering cans, and so much more. ┬áThen I hear, “Have you checked out the garage?”

Turns out I happened upon Paula’s Picket Fence. Open, as she said, “when I feel like it”, and by appointment. Oh my, what fun!

Hidden Garden Gem 1
Embellished Garden and Garden Steps

The garage contained all kinds of treasures, including many crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Some for sale, most for lighting and ambiance.

After what seemed like the sweatiest half hour of a Duluth summer rounding up treasures, I turned my attention to the funky gardens that lay below a steep stairway down a hill from the garage. Paula was kind enough to oblige when I asked if I could take a few photos and post them here. This little haven is totally hidden from view of the street.

I hope you enjoy this secret garden gem as much as I did.

Garden Gnome
Garden Gnome standing guard on the hilldside.
Garden Birdhouse
Garden Birdhouse

You can see how steep this hillside garden is – look at the legs standing at the top of the stairs.

Head Planter
Head Planter with Curly Grass Hair.
Here comes the SUN!
Here comes the SUN!

Thanks Paula for the fun treasures and the awesome garden tour!

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