Laurie Gaudino - Gardening Junky

Hi, I’m Laurie

Thanks for stopping by!

I live in northern Minnesota on the shores of Lake Superior. Growing seasons are short here, so we soak up every minute of it.

My other love is Junk-Pickin for vintage treasures. In 2006, I began selling my vintage container gardens to support my Plant Habit”… and Gardening Junky was born.

My little fundraiser grew from sales in my front yard, to local festivals and events, and eventually a local storefront and greenhouse. Throughout the 10 years my shop was open, we held planting parties, DIY workshops, and fun events. (Yes, that’s me with the wooden spoon trophy for winning our fundraiser cookoff. Third year’s a charm!)

About a year ago I made the decision to give these ole’ bones a rest and close the shop. Time to recharge and spend more time with family and friends, and in my own garden! It was a bitter-sweet decision, but I’m so grateful for the experience and all the amazing people I’ve met, that I now call friends!

I’m a Non-Fussy gardener. I love digging in the dirt, and having a cold beverage while admiring my work when I’m done. But, if it’s high-maintenance – you won’t find it in my garden! I’m looking forward to connecting with you here online, and seeing what the next chapter brings my way.

Laurie Gaudino
Flower Garden Planner