Junk Shops + Flea Markets + Gardens – Oh My!

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Since warmer weather has finally arrived here in the northland, it’s time to get out and go Junkin!  I love spending a day wandering through junk shops and flea markets.  And don’t even get me started on garage sales!

To me, gardens and vintage decor go together like friends and a good laugh! (And perhaps a glass of wine.)  I used to find a treasure that grabbed my eye, and I would let it go not sure of what I would do with it.  I have since given up that nonsense. 

I purchased the Flea Market Garden Style book a couple of years ago, and I pick it up and go through it again and again for inspiration. This book is a wonderful resource for anyone looking to add a touch of vintage charm to their outdoor space.

Flea Market Garden Style

Flea Market Garden Style Hardcover –
April 19, 2022

by Caroline McKenzie (Author)

The book is full of beautiful photography. The images are stunning and really showcase the beauty of flea market finds in garden settings. It’s also filled with practical tips and ideas for incorporating flea market treasures into your own garden.

Some of the projects and ideas may be a bit advanced for beginners, but it does offer some step-by-step instructions.  I may not use the exact project it shows, but I always come away with some good brainstorming, and the next time I find a unique goodie when I’m out pickin’ the ideas come flowing back.

I highly recommend the Flea Market Garden Style book to anyone looking to add a touch of whimsy and personality to their outdoor space. Curl up with it on your next rainy day and enjoy the practical tips and creative ideas.

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