Three Easy Care House Plants

Indoor Plants

Plants have a natural ability to brighten up any house or apartment. They can bring a little bit of the outdoors inside, and this is never a bad thing.

We evolved in the open, surrounded by the colors of nature – primarily the color green. This is probably why green is reported to have a soothing effect on most people.  So, why not let a little of this natural zen into your life with one of the following three easy-care common house plants.

Remember though, that it becomes very important to regulate the temperature of the room(s) the plants are located in. If the temperature is too hot or too cold, the plants will not be able to survive. If you live in a place that has a relatively hot climate throughout the year, then you might have to make sure that temperatures remain cool inside the house.

Conversely, you’ll have to keep the room warm if you live in very cold places.  Growing the plants in optimal temperatures is advantageous, as they will thrive and thus provide a fresh feel and bring fresh air into the house.

Spider plant

Spider Plant

The Spider Plant is one of most popular house plants in the world. The name refers to the fact that the plant propagates by producing plantlets at the tips of it’s leaves. These plantlets dangle down and, to some people, resemble a spider dangling from a web.

The Spider Plant is extremely easy to care for, as it tolerates a wide range of temperatures and light conditions. However, it will do best at normal room temperature ranges and in moderate light.

Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a name most people associate with cosmetic and hygiene products. That’s because aloe, the sap of the aloe vera plant, has been used as a natural medicine for thousands of years.

Aloe is still used today in numerous skin care products. The aloe vera plant itself is a succulent. This means that, like a cactus, the aloe vera plant evolved in a dry environment and is designed to endure periods of dryness and drought.

Despite this, aloe vera is a very easy plant to care for. It does well in good light, with well drained potting soil.



Dieffenbachia is another common household plant that is extremely popular. This is because it is beautiful and hardy, thriving under a broad range of conditions.

Some people are more familiar with another common name for Dieffenbachia – Dumb Cane. The name dumb cane comes from the fact that the leaves of the plant contain small, sharp crystals that cause swelling of the mouth if the leaves are chewed.  However, contrary to urban myth, Dieffenbachia will not kill pets or small children through casual contact.

It likes warmer temperatures, above 60 degrees, with regular soaking watering.  These plants can purify the air at home and are available in many botanical stores at a reasonable price. These tropical shade plants can be grown in tropical conditions with a very scarce water requirement.

All of these plants are easy to care for, and easy to find at your local garden shop.  If you are not able to find them locally, take a look at these options available at

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