Choosing plants to grow in your garden can be a mystery for beginning gardeners. ¬†Learning some basic plant requirements will cut down on the confusion and guarantee a garden full of beautiful blooms. Many factors come into play to determine whether or not a plant will perform well […]

Flower Seeds

While it might seem like a daunting task, learning how to grow flowers seeds is actually easy to do.¬† Some of the most popular plants can be started from seed, and it is quite rewarding to see your little flower seeds grow into healthy blooming plants. Learning to […]

Rustic Garden Art

Rustic Garden Art Duluth Secret Garden Tour 2011 Pin It

Square Foot Garden

There are many benefits to square foot gardening and more and more people are deciding to do their gardening this way. So, what is it, and what are the advantages of using this method rather than the traditional method of planting in rows? Square foot gardening is done […]