Learn How To Grow Flower Seeds

Learn How to Grow Flower Seeds
Learn How to Grow Flower Seeds

While it might seem like a daunting task, learning how to grow flowers seeds is actually easy to do. Some of the most popular plants can be started from seed, and it is quite rewarding to see your little flower seeds grow into healthy blooming plants.

Learning to grow flower seeds has a number of distinct advantages.

  • The pleasure of seeing your seedlings grow is a huge motivation for most gardeners.
  • You can spend quality time with your children the garden.
  • It helps the environment.
  • Flowers you grow make your house look even more beautiful.
  • It is cheaper to grow your own flowers than buy them.

When growing flower seeds, you need to have your garden planned out first so that you know which seeds to grow and how many of each you will need. If you live in a cold climate, you might start your seedlings indoors first under a grow light and then transplant them when the weather warms up and the plants are a bit more established. If you’re looking for things like a cob grow light to help the growing process along then you might want to check out products online from sites like All Green Hydroponics.

The first step in growing plants from seeds is to prepare your seed starting mix. You want to buy special mix made for seeds. Do not use regular garden soil because it is often too heavy and is not sterilized. Seed starting mix is made porous enough to help the seed grow and insure it gets enough water and nutrients. A sterilized seed starting mix helps reduce fungus and disease.

How to Start Seeds
How to Start Seeds

Water the seed starting mix. Make sure that it is moist but not too soggy. Mix it up good and distribute the mix into your containers. Don’t pack the soil down – leave it loose.

Create a wooden or plastic marker with the name of the plant and the date it was sown. Insert the marker in the container. With a pencil or stick (or even your finger), dig a ¼ inch hole in the soil. Then, deposit the seed. Each seed should be at least one inch from each other.

Warm weather plant seeds often need 80 to 85 degrees to be able to grow so you need to place the containers in a warm place. The container should be moist at all times. One trick to keep moisture in is to use a plastic cover but remove this daily to prevent the soil from drying too much.

Spray water gently into the container, or set it in a tray of water to wick up moisture from the bottom. Wait for the seed to germinate. It could take between five to fourteen days to do so.

Make sure that you check the container regularly. If you notice the seedlings starting to show, immediately place the container in a location where there is adequate light. Transfer the container to a south-facing windowsill.

Using fluorescent light is a very good alternative to this. Place it on top of the seedlings about 1 or 2 inches away. Leave the light on for 12 to 16 hours each day. I set my lights on a timer. When seedlings grow to 2 to 3 inches, transfer them to deeper containers so they have room to grow.

Learning how to grow flower seeds with fill you with satisfaction – and your garden with season full of blooming flowers.

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