When winter keeps us out of the garden, I like to grab my favorite garden magazine and spend some time planning the next gardening season. There are many gardening magazines available in the market.  There are old stand-bys that we all know, but there are many garden magazines […]

Building a raised bed vegetable garden is similar to growing plants in containers but on a much larger scale. In a raised bed the plants are contained (useful when growing creeping varieties like mint and strawberries) while still allowing the roots to penetrate into the ground. Planting a […]

Have you been to the MN Landscape Arboretum?  This informational video made by the arboretum walks you through the many different areas and gardens available for you to explore.  They offer annual and perennial gardens, Japanese gardens, waterfall gardens, and many more.  The arboretum is open 363 days […]

Organic gardening has been growing in popularity over the past few years, especially with more consumers turning to gardening their own produce over purchasing them from the grocery store. Organically grown produce, and even flowers, are more vibrantly colored, healthier and definitely more flavorful than those grown with […]