Raised bed gardens

Grow Vegetables in a Raised Bed Garden

Raised Bed Vegetable Gardens Building a raised bed vegetable garden is similar to growing plants in containers but on a much larger scale. In a raised bed the plants are contained (useful when growing creeping varieties like mint and strawberries) while still allowing the roots to penetrate into the ground. Planting a raised bed garden not only gives your lawn much neater look, but it also allows anyone to have a garden regardless of the quality of your native soil. Getting started gardening with raised bed vegetable gardening  is easier than starting a traditional garden. Rather than removing well-established grass and spending days tilling the soil and working in enough organic compounds to grow healthy plants, you can simply build a small retaining wall and fill your new garden with a mixture of nutrient-rich compost, manure, and black dirt. You don’t even need to remove the sod first. Continue reading

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