garden junk

Love Garden Junk?

I do!  All Rustic Gardens needs some treasures to dress things up a bit.  As you can see, I tend to accumulate a bit more than the average Gardening Junky.  I love to peruse garage sales and junk stores in pursuit of the perfect gardening container.  Of course there isn’t just one – there are dozens! So, what to do when the garden shed needs cleaning?  When the shelves are sagging, and there’s not room for one more package of plant seeds?  Have a Garden Junk Sale!  Every couple of years I drag everything out of the garage and stick a “Garden Sale” sign in the lawn.  I live in town on a rather busy corner so people always just drop by.   I had one lady stop by a few years ago who told me her husband came home and said, “You better get going, that flower lady is having her sale today!” Continue reading
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