Rustic Garden Accents

I love going on garden tours where diligent gardeners keep their backyards orderly and neatly trimmed.  My gardens, however, tend to be more casual.  And, I must admit, a lot less order – and a few more weeds.  We all have our styles and reasons for gardening.

Wilkommen rustic garden sign imagephoto source: irenes-garten

Whatever flavor your backyard landscape resembles, every garden can use some embellishment.  Garden Art and Rustic Garden Accents give your backyard character, and make it feel welcoming when you sit back after a day of work.

I found this photo of a rustic garden accent fence on my favorite junking site – Junk Market Style.

Rustic garden accent fence image

I love rustic garden accents created from old or discarded items. This wagon wheel with some holders attached to the spokes for planters is simple, yet it could brighten up any corner of your backyard garden.

Rustic Garden Accent Image

Use your imagination and you can add charisma to your outdoor get-away.  If you want more ideas and inspiration for adding rustic garden accents to your yard – check out these books available at