Love Garden Junk?

Fleurs planter box and vintage garden toolsI do!  All Rustic Gardens needs some treasures to dress things up a bit.  As you can see, I tend to accumulate a bit more than the average Gardening Junky.  I love to peruse garage sales and junk stores in pursuit of the perfect gardening container.  Of course there isn’t just one – there are dozens!

So, what to do when the garden shed needs cleaning?  When the shelves are sagging, and there’s not room for one more package of plant seeds?  Have a Garden Junk Sale!

Garden Junk Sale

 Every couple of years I drag everything out of the garage and stick a “Garden Sale” sign in the lawn.  I live in town on a rather busy corner so people always just drop by.   I had one lady stop by a few years ago who told me her husband came home and said, “You better get going, that flower lady is having her sale today!”

Anyway, my family comes over and we make a day of it – coffee and doughnuts for guests, some great gardening conversation, and usually a few dollars in my pocket to start me off on my next “garden junking” excursion.

Welcome sign from old garden gate image

 Of course, I always have lots of samples of what people can do with their “treasures” when they take them home.   Like this welcome sign made from on old garden gate, some vintage garden tools, and a wine barrel stave.

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