Rustic Garden Ideas

Garden Pizzazz at Etsy!

Winter is most definitely here in northern Minnesota.  When the gardens are dormant I turn to gardening magazines, books, and online garden sites to give me inspiration for next summer’s garden. Today I went in search of garden art and accessories at Etsy.  Below are some items I found that would be a fun addition to any garden. Mason Jar Creations by treasureagain I enjoy the soft glow of white lights and candle lanterns in the garden.  These mason jar lanterns would be perfect hanging in some branches out by the fire pit. Janit Calvo & Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Studio Miniature gardens have become popular again this past year.  There are plenty of accessories available for creating your mini garden or terrarium.  I like these mini brick patio kits. Continue reading

Trendy Terrariums

Terrariums are making a comeback.  I remember making terrariums years ago using old jars and glass vases.  You didn’t hear much about them for a couple of decades, but now they are back in a big way. Terrariums are an easy way for people who live in apartments, or who just don’t really like gardening, to bring a bit of nature into their homes.  And – they are really simple to care for. Watch this quick video on how to make a terrarium. Terrariums are nothing new.  According to the University of Missouri Extension Service, the use of transparent containers for growing plants dates back at least 2,500 years in Greece.  Back then the process guaranteed a stable environment for growing food. Today, terrariums are more likely to satisfy our artistic desire to bring some nature into our homes.  Terrariums are easy to make and can be made using a variety of containers. I enjoy spending my weekends “antiquing” and “junking”, so I usually can pick up some inexpensive items that add some charm to my terrariums. Continue reading

Rustic Container Gardening

There are many reasons to create a container garden.  Container gardening is a good way to dabble in gardening without throwing all your time into it.  Some common reasons why people choose to start a container garden are:  Outdoor space limitations. Physical limitations – can’t bend down or are wheelchair bound. Your patio or deck needs that extra something. You want fresh herbs in your kitchen for cooking. The soil in your yard is less than desirable. And the best reason … you have a pile of “treasures” you have collected at garages sales. I made this hanging planter above from a vintage funnel I picked up at a Flea Market. Almost anything that can hold soil can be used for container gardening.  Just make sure you put drainage holes in the bottom to prevent soggy roots and rotting plants.  The planter above is made from an old Chicken Feeder.  It is sitting on an old sawhorse to give it more visibility in my garden. Continue reading

Fall Rustic Garden Decor

Fall is here.  The leaves are turning color and the air is crisp.  I found these photos of simple, yet elegant rustic garden decor I wanted to share.  It’s easy to make beautiful fall decor out of natural items found in your own back yard. This simple grapevine wreath embellished with some flowers and dried seed pods adds a splash of color to a weathered garden fence.  photo source: etsy-flowboratory Bring in some gourds from the garden, fall leaves, and bittersweet berries to dress up you fireplace mantel. photo source: midwest living Continue reading

Love Garden Junk?

I do!  All Rustic Gardens needs some treasures to dress things up a bit.  As you can see, I tend to accumulate a bit more than the average Gardening Junky.  I love to peruse garage sales and junk stores in pursuit of the perfect gardening container.  Of course there isn’t just one – there are dozens! So, what to do when the garden shed needs cleaning?  When the shelves are sagging, and there’s not room for one more package of plant seeds?  Have a Garden Junk Sale!  Every couple of years I drag everything out of the garage and stick a “Garden Sale” sign in the lawn.  I live in town on a rather busy corner so people always just drop by.   I had one lady stop by a few years ago who told me her husband came home and said, “You better get going, that flower lady is having her sale today!” Continue reading
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