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Plant Bulbs And Tubers In Your Garden

Flower Bulbs and Tubers Plant bulbs and tubers in your garden for a showy display of fragrant flowers.  Here are a few tips for planting and caring for bulbs and tubers in your garden. These tips will help if you are a new gardener, or may offer a few new ideas for the more experienced gardener. When to Plant Bulbs You will need to make sure you are planting at the correct time of year. Some bulbs and tubers need to be planted in the spring while others need to be planted in the summer or even in the fall. Time of year is very important for successful growth with a great number of plants. If you are uncertain then you should have this information before you begin. The Importance of Soil They may not grow as well in your average soil. You may want to add a special bulb planting mix for best results. These are usually rich in calcium and special nutrients that bulbs and tubers need most. You can place this mixture in the hole before planting.  Properly amended soil makes for healthy and beautiful plants. Continue reading
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