Beautiful tours of gardens around the world with Audrey Hepburn. You can find the whole series of Audrey Hepburn’s Garden of the World DVDs at  

There are many reasons to create a container garden.  Container gardening is a good way to dabble in gardening without throwing all your time into it.  Some common reasons why people choose to start a container garden are:  Outdoor space limitations. Physical limitations – can’t bend down or […]

Happy Veterans Day

A special THANK YOU to all veterans – past and present – who have served to make this great country what it is! Photo by Doreen Wagner on Flea Market Gardening

Taking a look back at my rustic gardens this summer. Winter always comes too soon here in Minnesota. Sit back and enjoy this slideshow of warmer days. I hope you find some inspiration for your rustic garden. Be sure to leave me a comment below. Thanks!

Cottage garden

This amazing garden was on the Duluth Secret Garden Tour 2011. Enjoy~