Monthly Archives: October 2011

Harvest Time Salsa Recipe

It’s harvest time!  Every good Gardening Junky loves to make salsa, so get out in the garden and collect those tomatos, peppers, and onions and check out this recipe. The key to this recipe is roasting the chili peppers and red bell peppers.  It brings out the deep rich flavors. To roast the peppers, first slit them to… Continue reading

Helping Birds Through The Winter: Feeding

The days are getting shorter and the temperatures are dropping. The leaves are changing colors and in the northern areas snow flakes have swirled in the air. Winter is coming and it is time to get serious about feeding the birds. Birds come to our feeders in the Spring, Summer and Autumn because they are convenient and have special treats. Birds come to our feeders in the winter because they need the food. Many sources of their food have gone dormant for the winter. You want to feed the birds but you need a bird feeder or another bird feeder. What kind of feeder do you buy? You need to answer a couple of questions. What type of birds winter in my area? What type of birds do I want to attract? Let’s look at the type of birdfeeders available and the birds they attract. Platform Feeders: The Platform Feeder will attract a large number of birds both large and small. This type of feeder will also give the most unobstructed view of the birds. The versatility of platform feeders is one reason they attract such a large variety of birds. A platform feeder can be placed on or near the ground, placed on a pole or hung from a tree. In fact, platform feeders can even be placed under another feeder to catch the falling seed. Among the birds you can attract with a platform feeder are cardinals, titmice, juncos, jays, towhees, chickadees, native sparrows, and doves. Continue reading

Fall Rustic Garden Decor

Fall is here.  The leaves are turning color and the air is crisp.  I found these photos of simple, yet elegant rustic garden decor I wanted to share.  It’s easy to make beautiful fall decor out of natural items found in your own back yard. This simple grapevine wreath embellished with some flowers and dried seed pods adds a splash of color to a weathered garden fence.  photo source: etsy-flowboratory Bring in some gourds from the garden, fall leaves, and bittersweet berries to dress up you fireplace mantel. photo source: midwest living Continue reading
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